What Exactly Is The Concept Of Coworking?

Coworking is a way of working that involves the use of a shared working environment, often in an office. In which employees of different companies, freelancers or self-employed people work together in a shared coworking space. Coworking is intended to bring people together and to decrease the feeling of isolation. It provides a collaborative environment for people from different backgrounds and work fields.

The key features of coworking are:

  1. Shared space
  2. Diverse community
  3. Flexibility
  4. Affordable prices

Shared space

A coworking space provides a shared common workspace where people can either work quietly or find inspiration from other coworkers by doing collaborative work. So depending on the person working, it might be coworking or more like coexisting. Both are acceptable ways to cowork. The space often includes desks, chairs, event & meeting spaces, private and shared office spaces.

You might wonder, how can I find a coworking space near me? Luckily these solutions have grown more common along with the popularity of independent working. At least in Austria, the coworking spaces in Wien might look like normal offices or even hotels or cafes. We have been mistaken for the last two more than you would think. This is why it can be easier to check for workplaces online first, since you might want to compare different solutions to find the best office for you. 

Diverse community

Coworking spaces attract a vast range of professionals. This can include self-employed people, entrepreneurs as well as small companies. This diversity gives everyone within the coworking space many opportunities for networking. We at Das Packhaus have gotten the chance to see various start-ups and small businesses flourish when coworking. You will believe it when you see it too!


Joint working spaces usually offer options for memberships. These memberships can be more flexible and suitable for independent employees. They allow you to choose convenient working spaces, times and packages that are most suitable for you. Options could include working in a shared workspaces, meeting rooms, or private offices.

Affordable prices

When you don’t want to splurge on a private office all by yourself it makes sense to cut costs. You can do this by choosing a more affordable workspace option. Again, a coworking space is often a good solution with lower prices, considering that you share the space along with heating, water and electricity. Most of the time a coworking space in Wien is also the best option when wanting to work in the city centre to have easy accessibility.

All in all, these joint working environments offer more than just a physical workspace. We aim to create a sense of community and collaboration, responding to the social aspects of work that may be missing in a traditional work setting. This is why we hope you are encouraged to find some innovative coworking space near me and to start letting the creativity flow! Also, you can find out more about us if you feel like trying out new workspaces.