The Benefits Of Working In A Coworking Space

Working in a coworking space has several benefits that can improve employee experience and productivity. Are you interested in reading about just a few of the benefits of working in a coworking space? Keep reading!


First of all, what exactly is coworking? Coworking is intended to bring people together and to decrease the feeling of isolation. It provides a collaborative environment, often in an office. This office is then full with creative people from different companies. 

Colourful community

As coworking spaces have vast and diverse communities. Coworking attracts professionals from a variety of professions and backgrounds, creating a colourful community with lots of ideas to share. This also provides you with many networking opportunities. Your coworkers can help you with your questions since everyone has a different set of knowledge. Working in the same space with others provides natural opportunities for networking and collaboration. No matter if you choose to work in a coworking space in Vienna or in a smaller city.

Flexible and independent working

You are able to work independently and on your own terms. Even when working in the common workspace, some people start at 8 and some stay until 23. There is not only flexibility with working times but also often with workspaces. For example at Das Packhaus members get free access to our meeting spaces for 10 hours a month. So you get a change of scenery and some alone time if you need it!

Inspiring surroundings

On top of flexibility, coworking spaces have also been designed to be inspiring and welcoming. No matter if it’s with the help of designer furniture, plants or other creative decorations. Plants and green areas can improve the well-being of employees along with air quality and creativity. And luckily, if you are enjoying the plants at a coworking space, it will not be your problem to take care of them! Speaking of deals, coworking companies also often have an event venue which you can get good prices on if you are their member. That’s something to consider as a big plus, if your company likes to hold seminars or other celebrations. 

Lower amount of responsibility

You also have less responsibility in general, when thinking about cleaning, decorating and general upkeep. As long as you put your own dishes into the dishwasher, there is not much more to do. So you can sit back and fully focus on your work. 

Less loneliness, less stress

Last but not least, you are not alone! Even though coworking spaces are still mostly quiet places, it is nice to be physically with people. It does wonders for your stress when walking into an office where you are greeted with a smile before you open your computer.

Feel free to always get in touch with our team when wanting to try out a coworking space in Vienna!