Questions & Answers

Here you can read through the most frequently asked questions about our spaces:

Yes, Das Packhaus started off as a temporary use project with a year contract, which has been since prolonged approx on a yearly basis. Starting our 8th year in ’22 it doesn’t sound so temporary anymore, it all depends on the definition after all.

Because of the yearly prolonging structure we only hand out contracts for a year, these can be prolonged though *.

Paradocks is the organization behind Das Packhaus. Initially founded in 2014 the association Paradocks initiated Das Packhaus in order to create affordable working spaces for creatives, start ups, artists and many more. Paradocks does much more than the set up and management of temporary use/coworking space buildings; they work project based for real estate companies, developers and city councils too, moreover they cooperate with institutions and organizations focusing on urban development and the prevention of vacancy. It is envisioned that in 2022 a Gmbh will be established.

At the moment we have 2 buildings. One in the Marxergasse 24/Seidlgasse 21 (+/- 4000m2), adjacent the famous Sofiensäle, one at Am Heumarkt 4 (+/- 1000m2) with a beautiful view on the Viennese ice skating rink. In the past we have had buildings in the 1160, 1110

So what really is coworking? Creatives, startups working together in a space? In our case the space is an entire building. We have been the first in Vienna who specialized in a coworking building in which more than 100 private offices, shared spaces, flex areas and a coworking landscape with meeting spaces, lobby, garden, photostudio and event space are housed.

Apart from the 100+ private offices,shared spaces, fix and flex desk areas, we have different meeting spaces (28-60m2), an event area 165m2) , a large lobby (50m2),photo studio (60m2), movement space (60m2) and garden. We used to have a bike kitchen, a rest area, a yoga space and a factory space, whereas the last is still there but only on request. So far we do not have dedicated phone areas or phone booths because we have experienced our garden, large hallways and the availability of various spaces makes it for the moment abundant. The variety of spaces also depend on the location/building. The purpose of our spaces can change depending on the needs of our members. We also have multi purpose spaces. Do you have a nice idea for a space, contact us!