How To Work More Efficiently And Effectively

When you want to start improving your work productivity, you should first ask yourself, what does work efficiency mean to you? For some people, working efficiently may be all about speed. If they don’t get work done quickly, it doesn’t feel productive. For others it may be all about the quality of their work and how much they can concentrate. We coworking space enthusiasts would say that for us efficient working is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Let’s look at how you can improve both your speed and productivity.

Set realistic goals

These should be daily, weekly and long-term goals. This will give you a clear path to follow. Writing down what you want to do or achieve, whether it’s daily or weekly goals, will help you stay on track and keep your mind from wandering when you’re trying to concentrate in your workspaces.

Prioritise your tasks and work accordingly

It might sound too simple, but arranging your tasks of the day or even week, will help immensely. Start with the most important tasks of the day so that you get them done first. And leave the easiest or the least time-sensitive tasks for last. If you have a large time-sensitive project, break it down into smaller tasks. Don’t think of it as one big workload. Think of it as a series of small, separate projects and organise them accordingly. And if you really do have a big project coming up, consider changing your working environment for a while, to meeting rooms or a separate space until your workload has eased.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Plan your tasks, use a schedule or a to-do list to keep yourself organised. Set deadlines for tasks and really try to stick to them. The more you stick to your to-do list the first few times, the more you will respect the list later on as well. This can also help you to avoid multitasking and just paying attention to what you have to do at the moment.

Take regular breaks

Remember to take breaks to maintain concentration. Stretch, walk or do something that is relaxing for you. This helps you return from your break more relaxed. Try to avoid being on your phone or laptop during the break, since it may just drain your energy in the long run.

Limit distractions

Create a working environment that supports your work and your concentration. Some people prefer to work alone in completely quiet office spaces, while others enjoy more lively workspaces or perhaps working with other people in a coworking space. The most important thing is for you to find your preferred workspaces or to just start experimenting. 

Put yourself first

Never feel bad about saying no to extra tasks that can negatively impact your work performance. Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise and food. It might be difficult to think about going for a walk if you feel too overwhelmed, but who doesn’t need to touch some grass every now and then. A healthy body and mind are key to working efficiently. Remember to put your health first, an unwell employee is not equipped for a large workload!