Creating A Competitive Free Space: Guide For Happy Coworking

Sharing skills and ideas can be one of the greatest joys of coworking. The key is to see someone else’s skills not as threatening, but as something to learn from. If there’s an understanding that everyone’s strengths can benefit each other, there can be no competition. This can make coworking competitiveness free and teach you new skills.

Accept that you cannot be the best at everything

Easier said than done. You must first accept that you are flawed and cannot be the best (or even good) at everything. When you accept that others may be better than you are in certain areas, it opens up a whole world of possibilities. It’s like having a diverse set of tools at your disposal, with everyone contributing their unique expertise. That is often also one of the main reasons people are so fond of coworking spaces. You get to meet many inspirational people who all have different professional backgrounds. It is difficult not to learn something from them! 

Surround yourself with inspirational people

Surrounding yourself with people who excel in areas where you might struggle is not only an opportunity for personal but professional growth. Their success then becomes an inspiration, not a threat. You’ll not only improve your own individual skills, but also create a culture of continuous improvement in the workspaces. How? By recognising and learning from the strength of others. So let’s embrace the fact that someone is better than us in something. Who wouldn’t want to work in a coworking space where sharing knowledge is everyone’s top priority?

When there is acceptance of the fact that people have different skill sets or sometimes just different levels of the same skill, you can work in peace within the coworking space. It creates a lot of value to have different expertise within one place. This makes a positive work environment that people are eager to join.

So the next time you feel discouraged because you are not as good at something as your team member, save your energy and see it as a learning opportunity. That is what we are all here for. We wish you happy learning!

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