Benefits Of A Coworking Community: Networking

Not only do people choose coworking because it is an affordable way to access an external office space, but they also do it for networking. Networking and coworking spaces go hand in hand, because socialising here is inevitable. But is it really a big factor when choosing between your own office and a coworking space?

Yes, it certainly is. Particularly for a start-up or a small business, networking is vital. Now we don’t want to be stating the obvious here, but some people really might not consider this. When you are starting a business, you do feel the pressure to work to keep afloat. But we suggest not skipping the small talk, it might be beneficial for you and your company later on. So don’t feel guilty. Your productivity should include some socialising within your workspaces.

Find collaborations

Das Packhaus, a coworking space in Vienna, brings people together from different backgrounds and industries. Networking in this environment opens up opportunities for project collaboration, resource sharing, and expertise. Relationship building can also lead to referrals for new clients, partnerships, or new job possibilities. Members are more likely to recommend each other to their own networks when they trust the other person in the coworking community.

Share your skills and develop as a professional

Through workshops, seminars and skill-sharing sessions, often organised in co-working spaces, networking provides ways for professional development. These interactions allow members to keep up with industry trends, learn new skills and broaden their knowledge base. These workshops also give you the opportunity to teach what you have learnt along the way. And if people notice your expertise, it could lead to more collaborations or referrals. Of course, you shouldn’t go into the workshops expecting dozens of collaborations. The motive should still be to create a nice co-working community. But if you keep an open mind while enjoying the atmosphere, anything can happen!

Change of perspective

Networking in a coworking environment allows people to gain new perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. It can make you more creative, inspire innovation and broaden your mindset by connecting with professionals from different industries or fields. By building relationships and networking skills within coworking workspaces, you can achieve personal growth and gain confidence. Try developing your adaptability by stepping out of your comfort zone and attending events, starting conversations and collaborating with others.

If you want to try out networking at a coworking space in Wien, feel free to get in touch with our team.