Das Packhaus, with its 4500 m², belongs to one of the biggest start-up hubs and workspaces in Vienna. It is a space for over 100 creatives and entrepreneurs. Das Packhaus is a location for software developers, sustainable fashion brands, educators or product designers, as well as illustrators, record companies or publishers.

It is a community of 100+ companies, who could not be any different, but still have one thing in common: 

They not only have amazing ideas, but they implement them.

Work, Exchange, Connect.

The work is carried out in offices on 11 different floors and there are numerous communal areas available, such as meeting rooms, kitchens, event and exhibition spaces, as well as a garden and a lobby.

Our concept is an all-inclusive package, which is especially profitable for start-ups and small enterprises. Flexible contracts minimise the risk for founders and through a joint infrastructure creates a work environment, in which a vibrant exchange becomes possible.

Austria’s largest temporary use project recognises the potential of unused and available resources and thus responds to the needs of many freelancers start-ups.

Who is in das packhaus?

Who WAS in das packhaus?


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