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Just ask your neighbour - FragNebenan

Where's a good doctor in my district? Can anyone water my flower, while I am on vacation? Does anyone have any ladder to borrow? I run out of sugar for cookies, does anyone have some? All these questions can be answered by your neighbours who are already using website of FragNebenan.

FragNebenan is a start-up company with fantastic idea, how we can help each other and make our busy life a bit more easier, helpful. This idea is one of my favourite star-up ideas, just because of the how big impact on community, the company does. I wouldn't call this meeting " and interview", but very pleasant coffee break with CEO of the company, Stefan who introduced me to the company business idea and their positive team.


P:How long have you been here, at Das Packhaus?

S: For a bit more than two years. At first we had an office at shared space, later at second floor and now we are at the ground floor. And we love it! It's really cool that we can see people on the street (outsite), people who're walking by. Also our neighbours :)

P: From where does the idea come from? Did you had that "lightbulb moment" or was it long term planning, developing the idea?

S: I wouldn't call it lightbulb moment, but also not long term planning. It was something between. I grow up at small village, where we all knew each other and we were all neighbours basically, so we were all helping each other. So when I moved to capital, I sort of missed that, those small talks I had with neighbours. About this situation I spoke with my family and friend and later I got idea about this platform. Of course, my friends helped me with developing the idea. I met different people, groups, with different opinions and ideas, so in the end I had invented this platform.

P: I registered at your website, some time ago and I was really positively surprised when I got postcard from you, FragNebenan. That means you really care for your new and old users, right?

S: Absolutely, customer care is extremely important for us.  It is super important for us to connect with people, who really connect with our platform. And besides, postcard are warm surprise for users. And with this move, we insure us that the address given by new user is true.

P: How many users do you have? If that's no secret :)

S: Now, about fifty thousand (proud face).

P: How did you pick your team? or were you a team, friends already before?

S: Well, at beginning I was the only founder and later 3 more founders joined me. I met Valentin when we shared a flat. And like I mentioned before, I spoke to a lot of people who knew other people with skills that I was looking for. So we somehow got to know each other and that's how we become a team. At the moment we're a team of 8 employees and we're looking for intern (for 6 month).

P: If you could give an advice to your start ups, what it would be?

S: Try to get customer feedback as soon as possible. Customers feedbacks are extremely important. Be focus on MVP - minimum viable product, because it's less expensive than developing a product with more features. Between developing platform we realised that our website had a lot of un-useful features that weren't necessary.

P: You, your team looks like a really happy, satisfied team. What is the secret "power" of this? Perhaps quality spent time during lunch time? I notice that you are cooking way more than other users of Das Packhaus. Thumps up for that!

S: I think that we fit together quit well. We appreciate and respect each other and I think this is one of the keys of success. We don't go out together that often, but still we're very good colleges.

P: Do you think that entrepreneurism is something that is in your blood? Or is it something that can be learned?

S: Everything can be learned, even entrepreneurism. You just have to have a wish of doing something on your own, to be self-employed. For sure it can be learned, but perhaps in this field you have to risk a bit more and be brave a bit more than in others. Also you have to be prepared to expose yourself and to gain new way of confidence.   

P: The website is really well organized and attractive. Was design, the look, your idea or of a web designer? It really is unique and very clear. Also the logo? Was is teams idea...?

S: The website look is work of our website designer Valentin, who really did a great job. The illustration idea was a team idea, we all agreed that with illustrations we would explained the idea of website the most clearly.

P: Did you had any rejections at the beginning of developing, creating the concept? Rejections from possible investors and from family, friends?

S: Of course, but this was just part of creating and developing the idea. There were actually a lot of family members and friends who thought that this idea wasn't that good or that people won't liked it, understood it. But there were also some other people, who believed in me and supported me from the very beginning. After team was gathered I knew that the idea isn't that bad, since I already had a team who supported the same idea. We had some bad moments, big challenges, but that didn't stopped us.

P: Any wishes, opinions about Das Packhaus?

S: I really miss more people, users of Das Packhaus at the ground floor. We use to have lunch break with more users, but now it's just us and from time to time someone else. Perhaps I miss a bit more of energy. But then again, we are all busy.

P: Start-up scene in Vienna is pretty good developed, you get a lot of support from different institutions, but still, it is always hard to start your own company. If you could change something at past, right in the middle of developing the idea/concept, would you change anything or would you do it the same way?

S: I would probably change some functionality elements that were not that useful a bit before. From time to time small details in concept of platform were changed, so perhaps if we would notice this before, we could focus on other things. But then again we learned so much from mistakes and exactly this gave us the knowledge that we have today.

P: Do you perhaps have any role models? Or did you have them before, perhaps as a kid? Some superhero? :)

S: Actually yes, character Anton from cartoon and book "Anton und der kleine Vampir".

* Company FragNebnan also have a opening position for different job positions, such as:

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