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8 reasons why to organise an event in the Common Space at DAS PACKHAUS

Common Space | Foto credits: Tiia Suorsa

There is one thing that great events have in common: awesome setting. As you know, picking the right place is one of the crucial factors for making a positive impression on your attendees. Let’s chceck 8 reasons why to organise an event right at DAS PACKHAUS!

1.We offer you a fair deal.

Are you an artist or a creative soul? Cool. Have a vernissage here! It is a fair deal –  you show your masterpieces to the world and we give you an extraordinary looking place to do so. You are not an artist, but you know somebody whose work is worth showing? Just tell him/her about this. I bet, he/she will be thankful for that!

2. Just do it!

Maybe you always wanted to prepare a workshop of something you are passionate about. You know, some of the items on your bucket list. Don’t overthink it, just do it. Open-minded spirit of people here will inspire you.

3.Tell your ideas to the right people.

Giving a presentation of your great business ideas, to the right people, is sometimes the best opportunity to get things rolling. This place offers a very presentable area to do so.

4. Set a creative and fresh tone.

If your annual business or christmas party deserves a new and fresh face, let‘s give it to it! A creative spirit of the area  can well reflect your company values.

5. A great location is the key.

Where can you find it us? The space is centrally located in 3. district, just about 5 minutes walking from Landraße-Ubahn. No struggling with the public transport. You will like that.

6. A lot of space for everything & everybody.

As you know, there must be  in every „x-reasons-why“ one point about maybe little bit boring but still an important fact. This is that kind of point. The place has 165 m2.

7. You will get equipped.

We know, that there are more facts you need to know. So, what equipment to expect? The soundsystem, thingies which enable hanging pictures on the wall, tables & chairs, kitchen & bar corner, etc. Everything is for an affordable price.

8. A view matters.

Having a lot of windows in the Common space enables your event to get a lot of light from the outside and provides attendees with a great view, right? Check it out on the pictures below.

Does it sound great to you? Send us an email to  and arrange all the details.


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First photo under was taken during the Crowdfunders’ Hub. Mikro-Konference at DAS PACKHAUS. Photo credits: Marcella Ruiz Cruz