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10 things you need to know about Flex-desk in DAS PACKHAUS!

For everybody out there who doesn’t need a fixed office or traditional office culture, we have a perfect match for your desired work environment - Flex-desk space. What to expect of it? Check out these 10 points !

1. Expansion of your personal and business networks.

You get new networking opportunities. There are a lot of people ranging from start-ups developers, artists, freelancers, designers etc. Having creative and outgoing colleagues is very advantageous. You are welcome - got inspired and interact with them.

2. Silent & Spacious.

You remember it from university time – the most productive work is get done in a calm and silent environment. You can find here something like cool library-style place with no distractions. We know that sometimes you need to call or to have a important talk. Don’t worry, just use lobby space or one of our meeting spaces!

3. Opened nearly everytime. Also at weekends.

We try to keep our opening hours as friendly as possible – come to work here during the whole week (Monday-Sunday) from 8 am to 11 pm. You will be provided by a cental key and chip for early and late access to the building.  

4. How much it costs?

It takes only 100 € per month. Affordable, right?

5. What do you pay for?

The price includes a bunch of things – wifi, use of 10 cost-free hours of meeting spaces for your appointments or workshops, drinks corner etc. What you utilize is only up to you.

6. Every day equals another (point of) view.

Do you want to have everyday possibility to sit down at a random table and enjoy another perspective? Here you go! No fixed office. No stereotype. Change of view on daily basis.

7. We foster workplace that rocks.

Here you will find great conditions for your workflow – large windows in Common space will enable your working place to get a lot of light (and you will appreciate the view during your creative moments, trust us), great hammock to chill, comfy couches & chairs, a green energy in form of a lot of plants.

8. Get a quick refreshment.

To boost your energy you can get a fresh coffee & tee. Both for voluntary fee.

9. Location matters.

Find us in the centre of Vienna (3rd district) with very good transport connections. Just walk 5 minutes from Mitte-Landstraße station and you are here.

10. Our garden.

Do you want to enjoy outside summer lunches? Or take a break in order to get some fresh air? Or talks over coffee? You will love it here. 


Are you interested? Send us an email to  and arrange all the details.